Breakups and ending relationships are very common these days. You can see a lot of examples of this around you like in your friends, companions , colleagues etc. Have you ever thought of the reasons of these breakups ? If you want your relationship to be happy going and everlasting then you need to know the reasons and do not let them come in between your relationship.

Here are the general reasons which can ruin any relationship :

1. Negative Affirmations


Many people have the habit of sharing the problems of their relationship with others like friends or other close ones and sometimes they start feeling that their relationship is miserable just because of this habit.

2. Trust


Trust is the main pillar on which any relationship. There is no meaning of a relationship in which there is no trust. A relationship without trust always has a miserable ending.

3. Cheating


This is the main reason of the relationships ending today. A relationship is not a game or any exam in which you can cheat. Cheating will make your and your partner’s life worse than hell which will be full of quarrels and fights and ultimately the breakup

4. Communication


Life is very busy today and the couples don’t have the time to communicate and spend some quality time with each other . This communication gap also leads to the end of a lot of relationships

5. People


People who can’t leave the habit of flirting with others even after getting in a relationship can never be successful in a relationship. If you want a happy relationship then you seriously need to take care of this.

6. Unavailable


Many people who are jealous of your relationship and who themselves want to be with your partner can take advantage of this situation and your relationship will come to an end. You should always be there when your partner needs you and he or she should never be felt alone.

7. Past


Many people can’t get over their past and they always have a misconception in the mind that the new partner may also do the same as done by his or her ex. This also leads to the breakup of many relationships.