What if fashion and technology could collide together ? We could get the things which are fashionable as well as based on technology. If you know some people who are just crazy for fashion and technology, then all these things are the perfect gift for them.

All these things which are given below are the combination of Technology and Fashion. You can call them gadgets as well as wearings.

1. Everpurse x

1. Everpurse x by Kate Spade New York

This purse comes with a smart pocket which can charge your phone wirelessly. You can choose from three designs namely wristlet, small harmony tote, and large Frieda tote. There is no difference in look between these and normal bags but the thing which is making it different is the technology used in it.

2. Color Changing Backpack

2. Colour changing Backpack from The Unseen

It is a calfskin Backpack which responds to the air pressure and atmosphere by changing its colour. The color of the bag depends on the season like black in winters, red in the spring, blue in the summer and green fading to red in the autumn.