Many people travel by airplanes daily. Air transport has made our life very easy with easy and comfortable journeys. With its help, you can be in completely different place within minutes. While traveling by airplane have this question ever stricken your mind that why airplanes are generally white in color.

We will tell you the reasons of this. Go through the reasons below.

1. White is an evergreen color

First of all, 'White' is 'Evergreen' color.

White is an evergreen color because it does not fade away easily as compared to dark colors which can fade within a short span of time. Also, white color is easy to clean it does not easily fade with UV rays of the sun which have a great impact on dark colors.

2. More Color Means More Operational Cost

More colors tend to more operational cost.

It will be more costly to add more colors in the painting. It is the simple rule of everything, the more you want to look anything attractive, the more it will cost. So using the white color also gives savings in cost as compared to other colors.