A relationship is something which all the single people want to be in and all the couple who are facing problems in the relationship want to be single again and live a happy life. Single people might feel lonely many a times and also feel jealous watching other couples. But before all this, you just need to go through this article.

Here are the reasons why being single is the best thing and a gift of God.

1. Single people work better

1. Single people are better at work than most of the couples. 

According to a research, it has been found out the performance of the single people is much better than those who are in a relationship. Don’t take it as all the single people will be just brilliant in their work. We can find exceptions to everything and everywhere.

2. Freedom and Less depression

2. Single people feel free and are much less depressed. 

No couple will deny to the fact that single people have more freedom and their own choices. They can do whatever they want, go wherever they want and most importantly talk to anyone with whom they want.