Cheating is very common nowadays in the relationships and there can be different reasons for this such as boredom, disillusionment, the thrill of sexual novelty, trust issues etc. But the reasons also differs depending upon the Gender.

Here are some of the general and main reasons for women cheating in a relationship:

1. Lack of Attention and Intimacy

Lack of attention and intimacy

A woman will lose attention in a relationship if she is not getting required attention which she wants from her partner. She will find this from anyone else which will ultimately lead to cheating.

2. Lack of Respect

Lack of respect

Loving a girl is second thing first you need to respect her. This statement sums it up perfectly. If a woman is not getting the respect which she wants from her man, she will go outside the relationship for it. Learn to respect her and do it for the sake of saving your relationship.