You might be the best lover for your girlfriend and you know the best of her. For keeping, the spark alive in the relationship, you need to express your love in the best possible manner from time to time. But sometimes you don’t know what to do and that confusion sometimes leads to the wrong steps by you.

Here are some of the ways and methods which will help you a lot. Try these as these are really effective.

1. Expressing the Love

Express your love

Sometimes it is not enough to give her gifts , hugging her and different gestures. It is the mandatory requirement in a relationship that you need to tell her ‘I love you’ as frequently as you can. This will melt her heart and give her a lot of happiness.

2. Flower Works

Surprise her with flowers 

Girls just love flowers and it will be more effective if you add some surprising element in the gift of flowers. This is one of the best ways to impress or flatter a girl and it never fails. Flowers are the beautiful magic of nature and so are the girls, so they compliment each other very well.